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Critical Infrastructure Surveillance Solutions

Critical infrastructure protection is a challenging problem and includes a variety of applications, including but not limited to: oil and gas transportation and processing facilities, government facilities, transportation hubs, military compounds, all which are critical to the economy and national security. Infiniti understands that each location and facility comes with a unique combination of challenges in competing priorities, available infrastructure, and site layouts. Effective perimeter security is not simply passively monitoring the ground perimeter and premises and detecting threats, a properly implemented critical infrastructure protection solution works proactively by detecting threats both in the air (C-UAS) and ground and intervening before the threat can enter a restricted area and cause damage.

More specifically we can provide solutions related to Airport Surveillance, Nuclear Facilities and Port and Harbor applications.

Multi-Layered Integrated System

While EO/IR PTZ cameras are a critical component to any to long-range surveillance solution and can look in any direction, they can only look at one area at one time. Additionally, while ultra long-range zoom cameras achieve more detail, that detail comes at a cost of wide area coverage. Critical infrastructure protection needs more than just a long-range surveillance camera and should be paired and integrated with other sensors such as radar, PIDS or RF triangulation. Unlike cameras, these other sensors are much more effective at threat detection and monitoring of large areas, especially in poor weather conditions like rain and heave fog, which can make even the best EO/IR camera extremely limited. When one of these other sensors detects a target, the PTZ camera can be controlled either manually or automatically (via Slew-to-Cue) to auto-track, verify and identify the target visually. These actions can also be integrated into existing C2 or VMS software. Combining these systems allows for detection, recognition and identification of targets without relying on the 24/7 focused attention of human operators to try and monitor for potential intrusions. Instead those operators can be automatically alerted to verify threats and respond accordingly.

Options & Key Features

Multi-Layer Turnkey Solutions Built to Requirements

360° Long-Range Detection and Situational Awareness

Intelligent AI Sensor Fusion with User-Defined Targets

Auto-Tracking and Geo-Location of Targets

Integrate Multiple Sensors including Radar, EO/IR Cameras, RF Detection and/or PIDS

Active Response for Mitigation and Neutralization of Threats

Optimized for Land, Marine, Coast or Airborne

Fixed Installs or Mobile Deployments with Off-Grid Power

Modular Design and Centralized Control & Distribution

Work with Local Integrators for Installation, Support and Maintenance

Active Response & Threat Mitigation

Unlike standard surveillance and security providers, Infiniti believes it is not enough to passively detect and identify a target. A true security and defense solution should provide an active response to deter, counter, engage or eliminate the target. Depending on the level of threat and application, Infiniti offers a variety of active threat mitigation solutions and deterrents that are designed to appropriately address the level of the threat in the safest and most effective manner possible.

For industrial and civilian applications, Infiniti utilizes safe, non-lethal solutions such as LRADs, laser dazzlers, white continuous or strobe spotlights, mace paintballs and jamming for UAVs. These solutions can be integrated into the PTZ or deployed on a UAV/UVG that follows the intruder or threat if they remain in or encroach on the protected zone. These solutions are more effective, safer and have quicker response time than guards or police for both the responder and the intruders. The cost of deploying these solutions is a fraction of the cost of dealing with an incident or hiring teams of security guards, making it the ideal solution for the protection for your facility and personal. It is often not enough to merely observe a threat to protect personal property and assets, it is critical to provide an immediate and appropriate response to warn intruders before they breach perimeter and to disrupt and neutralize the threat before damage is done.

In critical infrastructure protection there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Every project needs to be addressed on an individual basis and requires a multi-layered design that considers the terrain, the environment, and potential threats as well provide protection without hindering a facility’s operational efficiency. At Infiniti we have a track record of success in providing perimeter security for military defense, borders, airports, harbors, nuclear plants, and military research facilities spread across over 50 countries. We work closely with all stakeholders and local partners to ensure there is proper installation, support and maintenance, and we use IP infrastructure to allow for expansion of systems that can utilize existing infrastructure. Here at Infiniti, we believe in building solutions that address our customer’s needs rather than selling products.

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