What is ZLID™ (Zoom Laser Infrared Diode)?

Glossary Definition

ZLID or Zoom Laser IR Diode is a night vision technology that adjusts the laser’s intensity and focus area to sync with a PTZ zoom camera. As the camera zooms in and out, the ZLID syncs the illumination in order to eliminate overexposure, washout, and hot-spots that usually occur with infrared lasers. This delivers superb identification-quality night vision. Our precision engineered optics, high power laser diodes and highly tuned image sensors provide up to 5km of night vision even in complete darkness, with 10 times the detail of thermal imaging at a fraction of the cost of cooled thermal cameras.

Infrared (IR) is light that is just outside the wavelength of what humans can see. This makes it a covert illumination option that isn’t visible to the human eye but can be read by a camera sensor and converted to a clear black-and-white image. IR LED arrays are commonly used in the surveillance industry to illuminate scenes that are too dark for cameras to obtain a clear picture, however most LED arrays are only effective for a limited range of 300 meters. Lasers have been used by other companies to extend the IR illumination range, but they typically result in inconsistent illumination due to the use of cheap lasers and the spot beam nature of lasers. The Infiniti Electro-Optics developed ZLID™ Technology adjusts the laser’s intensity and focus area as the motorized lens is zoomed in and out, eliminating the overexposure, washout, and hot-spots that usually occur with lasers. Combined with our precision engineered optics and highly tuned image sensors, we are able to provide a clear, even image in complete darkness for up to 5km.

To learn more about ZLID and its benefits: https://www.infinitioptics.com/technology/zlid