30–415mm 14X Long-Range Zoom Uncooled Thermal Camera

Thermal cameras let you see further than any other night vision technology, using radiated heat rather than reflected light to see objects. Humans, animals, and vehicles are typically warmer in contrast to most backgrounds, making trespassers hiding in shadows or bushes easy to spot. Thermal images are also unaffected by bright light and have the ability to see through atmospheric obstructions such as smoke, dust, and light fog. This makes it an ideal technology for many applications, including surveillance and security, search and rescue, fire, marine and land navigation, wide area situational assessment and much more.

Uncooled VOx Thermal Imager

Infiniti’s LWIR cameras use a cutting-edge 12μm VOx uncooled sensor, giving the camera a narrower field of view without changing the lens. The smaller 12μm pixel pitch achieves a 40% further range than 17μm sensors or 200% further range than older 25μm sensors. The high-sensitivity sensor detects differences in temperature as small as ±0.02°C, and its no‑maintenance VOx design, unlike other thermal cores, is self-healing and resistant to solar damage.

14X Continuous Zoom Germanium Lens

The VOx core is paired with a precision-engineered 30–415mm continuous zoom germanium lens to provide both long-range and wide-angle views from 14.6°–1.06°.

PPM @ 1km
DRI Detection*
Pixel Pitch
Horizontal FOV Range

DRI Ratings

Detection, Recognition and Identification ratings for thermal cameras (based on the Johnson Criteria) are common in the industry, however they can be misleading to the average end user. We list these ratings to provide a comparison point to the industry however we strongly recommend education on the topic if you’re buying a camera based on its detection rating.

Read more about DRI


Image Sensor Uncooled Vanadium Oxide (VOx) Microbolometer, 30Hz
Thermal Sensitivity 20–30mK
Wavelength 7,000–14,000nm
Cooler Lifetime No cooler required
Pixel Pitch 12μm
Resolution 640×512 or 1280×1024 pixels
Lens 30–415mm
Aperture f/1.5
Focus Motorized Autofocus
640×512 Field of View 14.6–1.06° HFOV (0.13° with 8X Digital Zoom)
1280×1024 Field of View 28.7–2.12° HFOV (0.27° with 8X Digital Zoom)
Digital Zoom 1–8X Digital Zoom (16X optional)
Image Display Modes White Hot, other color palettes available upon request
Video Output CVBS NTSC or PAL analog / BT656 / BT1120 (USB-C available in some configurations)
Control Interface Serial RS232 (USB-C control available in some configurations)