50–715mm 14X Long-Range Zoom Cooled Thermal Camera

Infiniti’s cooled thermal cameras let you see further than any other night vision technology, using heat rather than light to see objects. This cooled thermal imaging camera is equipped with a Mid-Wave Infrared (MWIR), cooled Indium Antimonide (InSb) or Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT) detector, producing ultra-sharp thermal images of 640×480 pixels. It allows the user to see more detail and detect smaller objects from a further distance. Coupling a high sensitivity sensor and leading germanium optics, this camera delivers extreme long-range performance and excellent image quality.

Cooled InSb or MCT Thermal Imager

The high-sensitivity 15μm cooled InSb or MCT sensor features a resolution of 640×480 and an optional ultra-long cooler lifetime of either 20,000 hours or 28,000 hours MTBF. The cooled sensor is able to detect differences in temperature as small as ±0.02°C. This provides more detail for tracking of targets at extreme ranges in total darkness and through most obscurants.

14X Continuous Zoom Germanium Lens

The cooled thermal core is paired with a precision-engineered ƒ/5.5 germanium zoom lens allowing you to locate targets with a 14X optical zoom range from 50mm to 715mm. This allows for excellent observation of thermal targets by offering anything from a 11° to 0.77° horizontal field of view. These lenses also feature auto focus capabilities, resulting in crisp, clear images even when adjusting zoom. This ensures optimal performance and situational awareness in the wide field of view and crisp details in the narrow field of view.

Extreme Long Range Detection

Our cooled Mid-Wave Infrared (MWIR) thermal cameras operates on 3,000nm–5,000nm wavelengths where terrestrial temperature targets emit most of their infrared energy. Using the built-in Dynamic Image Contrast Enhancement (DICE) for increased contrast and image clarity, this camera can detect vehicles over 50km away.* While thermal is a significant investment, it outperforms all other long-range detection solutions, making it the best option for many applications such as perimeter security, border enforcement and coastal surveillance.

PPM @ 1km
DRI Detection*
Pixel Pitch
Horizontal FOV Range

DRI Ratings

Detection, Recognition and Identification ratings for thermal cameras (based on the Johnson Criteria) are common in the industry, however they can be misleading to the average end user. We list these ratings to provide a comparison point to the industry however we strongly recommend education on the topic if you’re buying a camera based on its detection rating.

Read more about DRI
Image Sensor High-Sensitivity Cooled InSb or MCT Detector, 30Hz
Thermal Sensitivity 20–25mK
Wavelength 3,000–5,000nm
Cooler Lifetime 10,000 Hours MTBF (20,000 or 28,000 hours optional)
Pixel Pitch 15μm
Resolution 640×480 or 640×512 pixels
Lens 50–715mm
Aperture f/5.5
Focus Motorized Autofocus
Field of View 11.0–0.77° HFOV (0.19° with 4X Digital Zoom)
Digital Zoom 4X Digital Zoom (16X optional)
Image Display Modes White Hot, other color palettes available upon request
NUC Tables 2 NUC Tables
Video Output CVBS NTSC or PAL analog / Camera Link (dependent on configuration) 
Control Interface Serial RS232 / RS422 / TCP IP (dependent on configuration)
Advanced Video Engine Yes