Bright, clear high definition.

Visible High Definition Imaging

Visible HD & 4k Long Range Surveillance Day-Night Cameras

Visible light is the electromagnetic radiation that we humans see every day. Infiniti uses high-resolution HD sensors that capture that information in sharp, clear color images. Our 2 megapixel video sensors are the same 1080p resolution as most modern monitors and televisions. If needed, we can provide cameras with a higher resolution, but we have found that 2MP sensors offer the best performance ratio, balancing light sensitivity, amount of detail, and far-reaching zoom.


Bright color image of city in the daytime

Full Color Images

Color comes from differing wavelengths of visible light. The sensors we use detect those same wavelengths to provide a color image. Other imaging solutions use wavelengths outside of the visible spectrum, so true-to-life color imaging is not possible with those methods.

Close cropped image of city marina

Excellent Detail

Using not just high-resolution sensors, but also highly-tuned high-definition lenses is the key to our excellent detail. Many companies upgrade their sensors to HD resolution but continue to use the same lenses that were designed for standard definition sensors, which limits the level of detail to the lower lens resolution.

Great Zoom Ranges

We offer a variety of telephoto zoom lenses that deliver extraordinary optical performance for extreme long-range surveillance, with zoom ratios up to 128X and focal lengths as long as 5700mm at HD resolution. These lenses allow for wide situational awareness while also providing excellent detail on long-distance targets.

Most Affordable

Due to the vast demand for color image sensors in consumer-grade cameras, cellphones, computers and a variety of optical applications, visible sensors and lenses are the most cost-effective imaging technology and can be affordably incorporated into all of our integrated camera systems.


Requires Good Lighting

The quality of any image is largely dependent on the quantity of light. Since the best light source is typically the sun, this creates poor and inconsistent performance at night for most visible light cameras. Our visible cameras can automatically switch to a black and white IR mode, which in addition to visible light also senses light in the NIR (Near Infrared) wavelength. IR illuminators can be added to increase the quality of the image, however these can create problems like hot spots and overexposure.

Infiniti has developed a laser technology that focuses its NIR illumination as the user zooms, extending the possible illumination range to be as far as 5km. For more information, see our ZLID Illumination page.

Poor in Smoke & Fog

Visible light sensors are subject to the same optical obscurants that we see. This means that smoke, dust and fog will impede your view. Other imaging technologies are often able to see through these types of obstructions.

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