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Port & Harbor Surveillance Solutions

Infiniti offers a variety of electro-optical infrared systems that are specifically designed and optimized for marine applications. We understand every application and use case is different and we design both fixed and PTZ cameras systems for a host of marine applications. These applications include Navy and defense, port and coastal protection, commercial vessels, yachts, and high-speed craft, RIHB boats and more. Infiniti works with each customer to design a customized solution based on application, budget, and mission objective.

Options & Key Features

VTMS Integration

Optional integration with many VTMS systems and marine radars to provide automated tracking solutions based on AIS and GPS telemetry.

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Environmental Design

Our IP66/67 rated enclosures are designed to withstand the harshest elements of rain, wind or salt spray.

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Extreme Long-Range Imaging

Get high levels of long-range detail for further visual information (when weather conditions allow).

Thermal radiation
Thermal Imaging

Allows for easier observation and quick detection of objects in complete darkness and poor weather conditions.

Slew-to-cue & Auto Tracking

Radar-based GPS telemetry information can be used to trigger camera pan, tilt and zoom settings for automated confirmation of targets.

Gyro Stabilization

For long-range imaging, even the sway of a tower can move the image off target. Use a gyroscopic sensor and the motors in the pan-tilt to counteract that movement and keep your subject on screen.

Long Range Surveillance & Threat Detection

Infiniti Electro-Optics provides long-range surveillance solutions that utilize EO/IR imaging, radar and RF signal triangulation for 24/7 day/night threat detection and situational awareness. We design custom imaging solutions that are optimized for ultra long-range performance, combining multiple sensor types from color visible to various wavelengths of the infrared spectrum into one integrated PTZ solution for 360° coverage. Each type of sensor and technologies comes with their own set of advantages and limitations, for example our long-range MWIR cooled thermal features 50% longer ranges than the leading competitor, however no thermal imaging can see through windows and detail levels with thermal don’t come close to what’s expected and achievable with standard visible light imaging. To overcome those limitations we’ve developed our own ZLID™ long-range illumination technology which is paired with the visible camera to achieve identification quality video at ranges up to 5km. Whatever your needs may be, Infiniti sales and design engineers build turnkey solutions to offer the best solution based on your budget application and mission objective. Infiniti has a proud track record of mission for success in border control, force protection, coastal surveillance, air base defence and perimeter security.

Wide angle awareness example

Complete Situational Awareness

While EO/IR PTZ cameras are a critical component to any to long-range surveillance solution and can look in any direction, they can only see one area at one time. Additionally, the bigger the lens and more zoom power the camera has, they more detail it will get but that detail comes at a cost of wide area coverage. Therefore, long-range surveillance cameras should almost always be paired and integrated with either radar, PIDS or RF triangulation. Each of these technologies can cover large areas and provide initial detection of targets, then once a target is detected with one of these solutions, the EO/IR PTZ camera can manually or automatically auto-track and verify the target visually.