Fish farm

Aquaculture / Fish Farming Surveillance Solutions

Infiniti’s perimeter security solution for aquaculture sites uses a combination of radar, visible cameras, and ZLID illumination. The first layer of protection is provided by the marine radars. These radars’ small size and low power requirements make them a versatile solution for marine security. The radars provide long range detection of marine vessels including small boats and canoes at distances up to 6km in areas within the line of sight of the radars. Within the radar's overall coverage area, virtual geofences can be created for specific areas, which will trigger alerts when an intruder crosses the border of the geofence.

Once the radar detects an intruder within the geofence area, it will send GPS coordinates and Slew-to-Cue commands to a PTZ via our Octagon Platform API. This allows the PTZ to perform high accuracy fully automated tracking of intruders. The radar monitoring software will provide visual and audible alerts when an intrusion occurs to notify security operators who can then intervene if required. Infiniti’s ZLID equipped PTZs will provide high detail images in complete darkness at distances up to 6km, we can also provide an optional add-on for a long range visible spotlight to help achieve full color images at night. This also serves as an excellent deterrent to intruders.

Infiniti’s aquaculture security solutions can be customized according to a client’s needs to ensure that the objectives and budgets are met while providing a robust solution to ensure the protection of the site.