Coast guard vessel in heavy storm conditions.

Marine & VTMS EO/IR PTZ Surveillance Cameras

Infiniti offers a variety of electro-optical day/night visible and thermal infrared systems that are specifically designed and optimized for long-range imaging for marine applications. Infiniti’s long distance cameras are a critical part of VTMS (Vessel Tracking Monitoring Systems), with the tracking of targets based on the AIS and radar information while the PTZ cameras identify and recognize those targets. Infiniti cameras are not only used for off-shore monitoring but also designed to be installed on vessels, from frigate all way down to small rugged RHIB work boats.

Infiniti understands every application and use case is different and we design both fixed and PTZ camera systems for a host of marine applications, from single cameras on a vessel to complete coastal surveillance solutions. These applications include Navy and defense, port and coastal protection, commercial vessels, yachts, high-speed craft, RHIB boats and more. Infiniti works with each customer to design a customized solution based on application, budget, and mission objective to ensure complete maritime domain awareness is achieved.

Infiniti Atlas Multi-Sensor Visible & Thermal Imaging PTZ Camera


Compact and rugged IP67 PTZ system with optional thermal or ZLID.
Vega camera system with 2075mm Visible, 875mm Cooled Thermal, 4km ZLID, LRF and Spotter Camera.


Largest most robust system, handles multiple payloads with great accuracy and optional gyro stabilization.

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