Military vehicle in mountainous terrain.

Electro-Optic and Infrared Cameras for Military & Armored Vehicles

Infiniti has developed a range of rugged mobile products that are suitable for commercial fleets, police/law enforcement, military vehicles, and rapid deployment kits. Systems like the Sentry offer larger lenses and longer range illumination options in rugged housings while the Vega offers a high level of customization with the ability integrate various technologies and sensors including ZLID illumination up to 4km, LRFs rated up to 20km, radar slew-to-cue integration for tracking, and GPS telemetry. Heavy duty gearing systems ensure that the systems are self-locking even when not in operation. Weatherproof military connectors and corrosion resistant anodized aluminum is available for enclosures ensuring these systems will stand up to any environment.

We offer complete mobile solutions with rugged MIL-STD monitors, IP66 PTZ joysticks, and rugged mobile NVRs with cellular, WiFi, and GPS integration.

All these options can also be built into a rugged Pelican-style transport case with tripods, battery power stations, long range WiFi IP or cellular radios. With the monitor, NVR/DVR, joystick, and power integrated into the case, we create a mobile control station which can be deployed and operational in minutes for rapid responses to mission-critical situations.

Vega camera system with 2075mm Visible, 875mm Cooled Thermal, 4km ZLID, LRF and Spotter Camera.


Largest most robust system, handles multiple payloads with great accuracy and optional gyro stabilization.

We Custom Build

Every situation is unique and has different needs. We balance your budget with the performance you require and suggest the ideal components that ensure that you’re getting the best value solution for your application. Talk to one of our sales engineers today.