Thermal Infrared LWIR/MWIR Surveillance Camera Systems

Infiniti Electro-Optics provides long-range thermal imaging (LRTI), advanced electro-optics (EO) and infrared (IR) video surveillance technologies in highly versatile configurations for 24/7 day / night  long range threat detection situational awareness at night up 55km.

These customizable multi-sensor EO/IR PTZ camera systems offer high-resolution short/mid/long range long-range zoom thermal LWIR and MWIR infrared cameras for true 24/7  situational awareness and threat detection even in complete darkness. Leveraging thermal imaging with visible, NIR, ZLID illumination and other sensors allows for long distanced detection, recognition, and identification of potential threats even in poor conditions. These cameras are rugged  military grade and are IP66 (IP67 Atlas/Neptune)  sealed against dust and water ingression and constructed of high  strength aluminum alloy with anti-corrosive coating, allowing it to withstand the harshest climates making them ideal for mission critical applications including but not limited to, C-UAS/anti drone,  perimeter security, homeland defense, coastal protection, targeting systems, threat detection  and general ISR and surveillance. 

Rugged Mobile Thermal PTZ Cameras 

These compact camera systems are great for applications that have shorter requirements for thermal, or for applications that require a compact or very portable system.

Thermal Triton in White


Very compact PTZ with magnetic mount, optional thermal, and powerful zoom.
Infiniti Atlas Multi-Sensor Visible & Thermal Imaging PTZ Camera


Compact and rugged IP67 PTZ system with optional thermal or ZLID.

Mid-Range Thermal Imaging Systems

These systems can accommodate larger thermal lenses than those in our compact systems, for when longer ranges are required.

Infiniti Sentry Multi-Sensor PTZ Camera System


Versatile and rugged. Ideal for multiple payloads in a medium-sized system.

Longest-Range Cooled Thermal Imaging

These systems are powerful enough to maneuver our largest thermal camera lenses, able to achieve detection ratings exceeding 55 kilometers.

Vega camera system with 2075mm Visible, 875mm Cooled Thermal, 4km ZLID, LRF and Spotter Camera.


Largest most robust system, handles multiple payloads with great accuracy and optional gyro stabilization.

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