Military soldier viewing video feed on laptop monitor.

Rugged Military Grade EO/IR PTZ Camera Systems

Infiniti has developed a range of rugged military grade surveillance cameras  that are suitable for commercial fleets, police/law enforcement, military vehicles, and rapid deployment kits. Systems like the Sentry and Vega  offer larger lenses and longer range illumination in rugged all weather enclosures with match to mission customizations. These cameras offers of host of sensors beyond your standard EO/IR cameras such as ZLID  laser IR illumination up to 5km, LRFs laser range finders rated up to 39km, laser pointing and designation. Out unified octagon API allows for integration with C2 command and control and VMS video management software for camera display and recording, radar slew-to-cue integration for tracking,  GPS telemetry and OSD overlay.  Our Heavy duty self-locking worm drives provide self locking and our  precision engineered harmonic drives allow for speeds of .001~110 degrees a second and micro stepping of .0001 degree for accurate target detection and tracking. Custom built cable lengths and interfaces using amphenol military connectors and corrosion resistant anodized aluminum enclosures ensure these systems will stand up even in the most demanding climates. Infiniti is a recognized leader in providing bespoke EO/IR camera solutions with military and Industrial clients in over 60 countries.

Vega camera system with 2075mm Visible, 875mm Cooled Thermal, 4km ZLID, LRF and Spotter Camera.


Largest most robust system, handles multiple payloads with great accuracy and optional gyro stabilization.

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